10 Reasons Why You Should Ride

10 Reasons Why You Should Ride

June 27, 2014

Image27aAs bikers ourselves we all know why we ride – but to non riders it may seem a little odd. For that reason we’ve compiled a list of our top 10 reasons why we feel riding a motorbike – or scooter – is better than driving a car or taking public transport.

  1. Quicker – bikes are typically 30% quicker than cars in the morning commute and if your office is miles from a train station or bus route public transport doesn’t even come close
  2. Cheaper to run – not only because you spend less time actually travelling but also – especially if you ride one of the super cool new breed of 125′s – they achieve crazy MPG – some as much as 150! They also pay loads less in road fund licence (just £17 for a 125cc) and even if you tot up the price of the bike, lessons, insurance, servicing and kit you could save ££££’s over four years compared to train and tube.
  3. Don’t get affected by strike action – it seems all too often we are held to ransom by strikes but at least for your daily travel requirements you can avoid them all by simply riding past all the issues. Cool.
  4. Look forward to Mondays – we know this is stretching it a little but at least the Monday slog into work won’t be made worse by being sat in traffic or sat under someones armpit! you will actually look forward to jumping on your bike on a Monday morning – in fact on any morning.
  5. Go green. Yes its true and whilst spending less time in traffic and having far better MPG are two very good reasons we’re greener, bikes also contribute less to overall gas emissions too.
  6. We help traffic flow for everyone. That’s right it may seem odd but not only do you get to work quicker by riding but you also by doing this help those not quite sensible enough to join you too. A recent study proved that if just 10% of morning traffic switched to two wheels overall congestion would be reduced by 40%.
  7. Freedom – on your bike no one can get to you. No phones. No email. No chatter. Just you and the road. When was the last time you can say you truely had some me time? On a bike its every time you pull your lid on and go. Bliss.
  8. Make friends. Even if it’s in passing bikers tend to say hi with a nod, acknowledging the shared joy of riding. And whether your a city trader or local plumber if you both ride you’ll always have lots to chat about.
  9. Be cool. From Paul Newman to David Beckham all the coolest ride – by association then you’ll be cool too! no really.
  10. See more. When the journey itself is just as important (or more so) as the destination you’ll find yourself taking the long way round just for the hell of it. And in the process finding those little gems along the way be it a spectacular view or a hidden country pub that you’d never get to discover if you went by car.

This is just a quick view on why we love to ride – there are bound to be loads more.  Why not share your reasons with us on our facebook page

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