Beat the morning commuter blues

Beat the morning commuter blues

June 5, 2014

train 468aGetting to work, especially on a Monday morning can quite literally be hell. Who’s ever had a seamless journey where you don’t feel your wallet has been stolen, don’t get caught in traffic, get that last seat on the train and finally without any delays or holdups arrive on time and feeling relaxed? Doesn’t happen very often, does it. Well there is a better way. A way by which you can guarantee to not get caught in jams, not be held hostage to timetables or strikes, always get the seat and always arrive feeling good about your journey. Go by motorbike.

Its true motorcycles and scooters offer a huge range of benefits over cars and public transport for those fed up with all the usual hassles we seem to take for granted these days.

You can…

Save Money. Whether it’s the cost of fuel or your travel card a bike or scooter will save you literally thousands. Road tax for 125cc machines is just £17 a year! And with fuel economies well into the 100’s for many many bikes your commuting bill will be slashed dramatically. If you take the train then you could be thousands better off over just a few years riding to work with even a ‘big’ bike costing less than many annual season tickets these days. And yes we have taken into consideration cost of getting a licence, buying the bike, kit and insurance plus servicing too!

Save Time. On average motorcycles and scooters are 30% faster through the daily commute than cars or buses so that painful drive to work which takes you an hour could be as quick as 40 minutes. And that’s on a good day! So that extra half hour in bed every day is now possible. Bikes don’t get snarled up in traffic jams so when your worst journey takes three times as long, on a bike it’s still going to be 40 minutes meaning you never get home later than you said you would. Ace.

Save Hassle. Who out there who use public transport always get a seat? And who has a stop right outside their house – and office – for convenience. And who never gets stranded during strikes. Not many we’d bet. With your own set of wheels you always get a seat, always leave when you want, generally park close to or at the office and never get caught up in strikes and industrial actions. Bikes take away all the stress of commuting by offering cheap hassle free transport. Easy.

Added to all this studies have shown that people who commute by bike are also happier when arriving at work too – well with all that extra sleep and the money, time and hassle savings who wouldn’t be?

To find out more about getting your licence check out our guide here and start your journey onto two wheels today.

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