Free trial for rider’s ‘guardian angel’

Free trial for rider’s ‘guardian angel’

November 3, 2015

The company behind accident and anti-theft tracker Ridersmate is offering a free month’s trial to motorcyclists.

Ridersmate is smaller than a mobile phone and is designed to attach to you and your bike. If you have an accident it comes apart and 60-seconds later sends an SMS message to up to three contacts of your choice, giving your exact location.

They can contact you to make sure you are OK, or help by getting the emergency services to you, using the coordinates supplied to them.

It can also be left hidden on your bike under the seat or elsewhere, becoming an anti-theft tracker, which the manufacturers say will send an alert your phone if it’s moved!

As it’s a tracking device, it can also be used to upload and share routes.

The unit costs £179, and comes with a pay-as-you-go sim card, which will need a £10 top up, which Ridersmate say should last you more than 12 months.  There are no additional subscription fees.

ridersmateTo find out how the free trial works, check out the website here.

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