How to get your free motorcycle lock

How to get your free motorcycle lock

May 26, 2015
Motorcycles and scooters which are MASTER ragged are 3 times less likely to be stolen

Don’t make it easy for thieves to steal your bike!

If you were an opportunistic bike thief and you had to make a quick decision about what to steal – would you go for a motorcycle or scooter which was locked, or one which wasn’t?

Using a lock on your bike is a no-brainer.  Far too many riders don’t bother, making their motorcycles or scooters much more vulnerable, than those which are visibly locked.

We love to pass on news of freebies, so we’re delighted to tell you that our friends at Carole Nash are giving away a Mammoth micro disc lock for FREE (usually retailing at £7.99) to everyone who calls them  for a Modern, Classic or Six-Wheel insurance quote.…with no purchase necessary!

They might be small (that’s where the ‘micro’ bit comes in!), but Carole Nash tells us the Mammoth locks are almost indestructible. Designed to fit any bike, they are made from hardened steel with a 6mm pin and a weatherproof barrel.

It might take a few minutes to put a lock on, but it’s much quicker than coming back to find your bike has gone!

Marking systems, such as the MASTER Security Scheme are also a powerful deterrent to thieves, making them three times less likely to be stolen.

To claim your free motorcycle lock call Carole Nash on 0800 1444 627 for a bike quote and use the reference ‘LOCK’.

You’ve got until July 30th to apply and  can read about the Terms and Conditions here.


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