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Have a Motorcycle or Scooter Experience Near You


In addition to the freedom and financial savings, Get On offers a  motorbike or scooter experience at regional locations.Can’t find a Get On near you, try your local MCIAC accredited training school to see if they offer introductory rides (some do, some don’t!).

Let’s Get It On…

Experience for yourself how easy it is to ride at one of the events we have planned offering motorcycle introduction sessions. Find an event close to you HERE, book your session at a time that suits and then just turn up on your chosen day and have fun! If we aren’t planning an event near you and you can’t make any of the others do make sure you add your name to the waiting list because as soon as we get enough interest in your area we’ll be sure to head your way!

What’s Involved with the Ride?

A qualified motorcycle instructor will brief you about the session and kit you out with safety gear and helmet. You’ll then receive personal guidance from your instructor in a car free, safe and secure training area. They’ll get you used to the bike, gears and throttle, and before you know it you’ll be grinning like a child riding their first bicycle. So relax, get going and enjoy the experience! After your session you can ask questions about the motorbike learning process – how to do your CBT and what you need to do to get your full motorcycle licence. Your instructor will also be able to offer advice on what bike to buy, what style might suit you and your intended riding, kit and anything else you want to know.Get On’s session is the perfect way to start your journey to riding a motorbike or scooter. If you love the session (and over 95% do!), you’ve gained an amazing experience and you’re well on your way to motorcycle freedom and financial savings, if not, you can just walk away – you’ve had the experience.

Vehicle and Training Savings

Once you’ve completed your CBT for around £120, you can be riding on the road in no time. New model bikes are available from just £50 a month!

Save Road Tax

With 125cc motorcycles only costing £17 a year in road tax, learning to ride a motorbike could save you over £100 against a typical second hand small car of the same value.

Save Fuel

With many 125cc models achieving greater than 150mpg, riding a bike or scooter to work each day will save you hundreds in fuel costs alone.

Save Time

People often wish they had more time in the day, week and year- with a bike you will. Typical motorcycle journeys take 30% less time than the average car! You’ll have more time to see family and friends, hit the gym, and generally enjoy yourself rather than sitting in traffic.

Easier and Cheaper Parking

Motorcycle parking is usually free, or cheaper, and allows you to park close to your end destination.A qualified instructor will brief you about the session and kit you out with a helmet and safety gear. Then you get to ride a 125cc motorbike or scooter away from the road on a secure training area with help from your instructor. They’ll get you used to the controls and soon you’ll be grinning like you did when you learnt to ride a push bike.You will receive an email with all the details you need to know when you complete your booking.After your session you can find out more about learning to ride a motorbike or scooter, how to get on the road and pass your motorcycle test. You can also talk about what bike to buy and what kind might suit you, or anything else you want to know. Then you’re well on the way to the enjoying the freedom, fun and flexibility that life on two wheels brings.