Motorcycle Live Highlights Vol.2

Motorcycle Live Highlights Vol.2

December 23, 2014

If you’re in the market for your next bike then this year’s show was a veritable sweet shop of delights with new and exciting models from many of the brands on show.  Retro seemed to be the flavour with cool bikes harking back to the 60′s and 70′s everywhere. Here is our brief roundup to tempt you further.

Ducati ScamblerIf having one of the coolest brands around wasn’t enough with award winning supersport and adventure models never mind iconic naked bikes Ducati added to their appeal with the launch of the simply gorgeous new Scambler.  And if that wasn’t enough there are 4 models to choose from! The Icon, a modern remake of the iconic model from the 60′s, the Urban Enduro, a more aggressive street based version,  the Classic which does exactly what it says on the tin and the Full Throttle model for those wanting a more ‘performance’ based look.  Each one using Ducati’s legendary L configuration twin engine with disc brakes and a single rear shock.  The bikes are clean, simple and super stylish meeting the needs of today’s rider perfectly.  So if you want Italian style and classic looks then your search may well be over with this new model from Ducati.




IMG_5857Yamaha have had one of the most enduring bikes ever in the guise of their classic XJR1300.  Launched back in the early 90′s (it was retro even back then) it has seen many updates to keep it in line with euro regulations and also customer demand.  This year sees one of its most complete make overs with new tank, seat and side panels. One this which remains however is the air cooled 1300cc engine – one of the last remaining air cooled engines around and something which gives the XJR its’ character.  Here at Get On we love them.





IMG_5931Triumph have always been ones for retro and this year they add to the iconic Bonneville collection with a host of new models including the Spirit and the Thruxton Ace.  Both hailing from Triumph’s ever popular T100 these two new models as a further level of choice to what is already a difficult decision.






IMG_5869BMW’s R9T model is steeped in the German marque’s history having as it does their classic boxer twin engine.  This model although with a nod to the past is also right up to date with upside down front forks, twin discs and a style all its own.  One which you can make yours by simply choosing some of the host of options available for this machine.  You can really have a modern one off.





IMG_5891Honda haven’t left this market sector untouched and although its been around a while their CB1000 is still right up there in the cool retro stakes.  With styling that goes back to a simple time for bikes this Honda comes with all the reliability and comfort you’d expect from the red wing brand.






kawasaki w800Kawasaki’s W800 has been around a while now but still deserves a mention. This simple but classic bike really does look the part with twin shocks, classic exhaust, beautifully engineered mechanics and a sculpted tank. Given Kawasaki’s push to create the most technologically advanced bikes (more on that later) this model is proof that they haven’t forgotten their past either.  Luckily for us!





IMG_5988And where would we be without Moto Guzzi in this story.  Missing a big chunk we’d say.  Their V7 range, a favourite of a certain Ewan McGregor, is style personified. From the V twin engine to the spoked wheels this bike was born to be both admired and ridden. Maybe the next big trip our acting friend will take will be aboard one of these beauties?


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