Ride to Work Day

This year Ride to Work Day will kick start Ride to Work Week, next week 16th-22nd June 2014. On this day thousands of riders around the world come together to show just how enjoyable – and easy – their daily commute is.

The UK Motorcycle Industry hopes the campaign will promote the benefits of motorcycling to non-riders, government and local transport bodies – demonstrating that life would be better if more people rode motorcycles and scooters every day, saving time, money and reducing congestion.

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Beat the morning commuter blues

Getting to work, especially on a Monday morning can be hell. Who’s ever had a seamless journey arriving on time and feeling relaxed? Doesn’t happen very often, does it. Well there is a better way. A way by which you can guarantee to not get caught in jams, not be held hostage to timetables or strikes, always get the seat and always arrive feeling good about your journey.

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