Motorcycle skills day for women

A motorcycle skills day for women from IAM RoadSmart is the latest event aimed at women only riders

Motorcycle skills day for women

August 23, 2016

IAM RoadSmart is to hold its first motorcycle skills day specially for women.

It will be held next month in Thruxton in Hampshire on Monday 19th September and is open to female riders of all abilities, including those who have just a CBT and there is no requirement to be an IAM RoadSmart member.  

Organisers say the day has been specifically designed to address areas that women members of IAM RoadSmart have identified they would like to improve, which include riding styles and the development of certain skills.

The cost is £135 per person for the day and can be booked by calling 0300 303 1134 during office hours.

This is the latest in a growing number of events aimed just at women.  They include female only clothing events and track days.  Female racer Maria Costello has been leading the way with her women only race days, which have proved particularly popular.  The next one is to be held at Donington Park on September 20th and will be run in conjunction with BMW Motorrad UK.  Booking is via Focused Events on 01798 812 704.

Over the past couple of years, there has also been a prolific growth in the number of Facebook groups for women riders.  Run by women for women, these groups are particularly welcoming, regardless of ability, which is obvious from the introductory blurb for one such group -  Motorbike Women.  It says it is aimed at “lady riders, whether pillions, or riders, just learning, recently passed their test or a seasoned and experienced rider.”  The pictures posted on the page range from excited beginners waving CBT certificates, to seasoned riders showing off gleaming superbikes and all seem equally accepted.

Rider meet ups are a big part of  Facebook group culture, and many informal riding groups have been sprung up off the back of groups in the virtual world.

There have also been new magazines aimed at women riders launched in the last year.  Like the Facebook communities, these are ‘grass roots’ publications, which have been developed by women riders who feel poorly served by the current crop of bike mags.  One of these, Women On Wheels, was devised by a woman rider Vicky Harvey, who also branched out recently by organising a national clothing event aimed at providing women riders with a large choice of clothing.


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