Motorcycles and scooters. A cure to UK congestion?

Motorcycles and scooters. A cure to UK congestion?

June 5, 2014

traffic2 468It’s a bold statement… motorcycles are the cure to UK congestion. We’re sure many a car driver will disagree but its been backed up by empirical studies which proves the case.

The study, by research company Transport and Mobility, Leuven, investigated the impact of increasing the percentage of motorcycles on traffic flow on a stretch of busy commuter road leading into Brussels. They looked at not only traffic flow but also air quality as improvements in this area were assumed to take place if congestion was reduced.

By using sensors placed along the route, and measuring traffic flow every 5 minutes, the team were able to map a typical rush hour pattern and used this to set the benchmark for the study. Using sophisticated analysis software and data from the Federal Planning Bureau they were able to simulate traffic flows and check their simulations against actual measured figures. The results were very close and served to prove that their computer modal was working accurately.

The team then began to adjust the percentages of different types of vehicle during rush hour and discovered some startling results. A shift from car to motorcycle of just 10% resulted in a dramatic reduction of traffic queues and a quicker return to ‘normal’ driving conditions. In terms of actual figures what this means is that if just 1 in 10 drivers switched to two wheels an overall reduction in travel time of 63% would be achieved. Interestingly the team found that if just 25% switched then congestion would be eliminated altogether. The results prove that not only do bikes save time for those riding them they save time for everyone else too! As a result even if you don’t decide to jump from your car on to two wheels, you should be thanking those who do because each one is actually saving you time. Fact.

The team also looked at emissions and found that as well as the fact that total external emission costs of motorcycles (all pollutants combined) is 21% lower than that of an average car, when 10% of the traffic is made up of bikes a 6% reduction of emissions overall is achieved, with 5% of this due simply to smoother traffic flow and higher average speeds.

In the UK over 80% of daily commuter car traffic is single occupancy so Get On sees no reason why a 10% shift to bikes isn’t achievable. With this comes smoother traffic flow for everyone, a 60%+ saving in journey times and a 6% reduction in overall emissions. That’s not mentioning all the cost savings those who switch to bikes make or the time savings either.

So, if you’re one of those drivers fed up with being stuck in traffic do yourself – and everyone else for that matter – a favour and make the switch to two wheels now.

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