How much do you know about lid safety?

How much do you know about lid safety?

March 2, 2016

The first piece of protective gear you buy will be your helmet.  You have to wear one by law!  Choosing one can be tricky, but safety should be your first priority and so it makes sense to work out which one is going to offer you the best protection, before you start planning how to customise it with fluorescent evil eyes.

One of the handiest websites to help you make the right decision is the SHARP site.  SHARP stands for Safety Helmet Assessment and Rating Programme.  It’s a government backed site, which rates the helmet according to how well it performs in controlled tests.  

It’s easy to view on a mobile too, so you can check out ratings on a smartphone while you’re actually trying them on at your local dealers.

Getting a helmet professionally fitted is vital, especially if you are buying one for the first time.  Sales staff at clothing and bike dealerships will be able to help you with this, which will save you from making an expensive mistake.

You can find the SHARP website hereIt is important you find a good helmet

And read a blog about how to look after your lid on the Inside Bikes site.


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