Northamptonshire gets its first ‘accredited’ motorcycle training school

Northamptonshire gets its first ‘accredited’ motorcycle training school

February 21, 2018

A Billing based motorcycle training school is the first in Northamptonshire to join a national register of ‘accredited’ training schools.  This now makes it easy for local people to find high quality training.

Karmenz  Motorcycle Training is the only one in the county to complete the course, which leads to accreditation with the IMI approved and DVSA endorsed Motorcycle Industry Accreditation Centre (MCIAC).

To qualify, the school must meet strict criteria in areas such as customer service, facilities and premises, maintenance of motorcycles and scooters, as well as indemnity and insurance compliance.

Accreditation is maintained by annual inspection and all customers of the training school are given the chance to complete a feedback survey after their training.

It is one of only 81 sites in the UK which are either fully accredited or close to completing and is featured on a national website

About Karmenz

Karl Menzel, owner of Karmenz Motorcycle Training, has been teaching local motorcyclists for more than 16 years.  His customers range from complete beginners to those wanting advanced rider skills and says it’s important to be choosy when selecting a training school:

“MCIAC accreditation gives peace of mind to customers and we are delighted to be the first in Northamptonshire to become involved in a scheme which makes it much easier for riders to identify high quality training schools.  In the past I would have advised anyone looking for motorcycle training to do their homework thoroughly before booking a provider.  I would have advised them to check the professionalism of the way phone calls and emails were answered, suggest they visit the premises to check out the standard of bikes and whether safety clothing was offered.  I would also have directed them to online reviews from previous customers. MCIAC accreditation does all those checks for you and keeps on checking by offering a survey to every single customer.”

This short film explains what you should be looking for when choosing a training school:

Click on this film to find out why not all motorcycle training schools are the same

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