20-26th June is Ride to Work Week!

This annual campaign from the motorcycle industry celebrates all the many benefits of a commute by motorcycle, scooter or moped.

Here are 5 reasons to ride to work:
1. Save TIME – Filtering helps you cut though congestion, especially during rush hour, plus you can use bus lanes in many towns and cities.
2. Save MONEY – Tax, insurance and fuel costs all lower. A good finance deal or PCP can be CHEAPER than a public transport pass.
3. Easy PARKING – Parking is cheaper or FREE and you can get closer to your end destination
4. Become a more SKILLFUL ROAD USER – Drivers who also ride motorcycles are more COMPETENT. They claim less often on their car insurance and for smaller amounts.
5. BE HAPPY – It’s just more FUN than any other mode of transport!

New to riding?
Find out what all the fuss is about – book a Get On free ride and encourage your friends to do the same

Converted already?
Riders – demonstrate your passion for riding by using your bike for your commutes during Ride to Work Week and beyond. Encourage others to take part too.

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