Survey shows passengers not happy with service.

Survey shows passengers not happy with service.

May 22, 2014

trainTrain companies satisfy less than 50% of their customers!

That’s according to a survey of 7,000 regular travelers* carried out by Which? last year. Finding showed over half of those questioned were dissatisfied with the service they received from the train companies they were using, Greater Anglia and South Eastern had a satisfaction score of just 40%.

Factors contributing to these awful scores were
• Delays – 26% for commuters, 16% average
• No seat available – 20%
• Poor toilet facilities – 10% (205 for London Midland)

And despite the fact that many complained the train companies compounded the issue by handling the complaint badly in more than 50% of the cases leaving customers even more dissatisfied.

Asked what would improve their experience, 60% said lower ticket prices, with 80% flagging up that in their opinion fares were already too high. Passengers also said they wanted more carriages at peak times to solve the overcrowding issues, wi-fi as standard (if buses can have it then why not?) and of course the old bug bear greater reliability.

Martin Abrams public transport campaigner for the Campaign for Better Transport, said “The Which? survey shows deepening levels of dissatisfaction with many train services. Passengers want cheaper, simpler tickets, clean stations and an end to chronic overcrowding.”

Rail Minister Stephen Hammond said “Passengers have every right to expect trains to arrive on time and be clean, and while this can be a challenge, I expect operators to do all they can.”

Well we say why not have a look at the cost saving benefits of life on two wheels? Get On has calculated that satisfaction levels of those commuting by bike are as high as 100% when factors such as timeliness of journey, seat availability, cleanliness of facilities and friendliness of staff are taken into consideration**. Not only that but you could see savings in thousands over a four year period compared to train travel.

Why not book your free ride with us and see for yourself why so many are ditching the train to go by bike.

*On average, those surveyed had traveled by train 32 times in the previous 12 months.
**these figures are of course entirely made up!

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