The new Yamaha 2014 YZF-R125

The new Yamaha 2014 YZF-R125

May 22, 2014

bike2The YZF-R125 has been a huge success story for Yamaha. It has, since its launch back in 2010, been one of the sportiest learner-legal bikes out there. An updated version for 2014 should ensure the heritage continues.

“The R125 is a big success in the 125 class” so says proud product planner Guglielmo Fontana-Rava. So making the new one better than the old was a big challenge.” To do just that Yamaha have upgraded their iconic 125 with better components and a fresh new(ish) look, while keeping the overall design that makes it so successful. It certainly looks the part and now has adopted a similar face to that of Sam Lowes’ World Supersport Championship winning bike.

Yamaha recognised that, in most countries, typical owners are enthusiastic teenagers with a passion for motorbikes or for motor racing. So in order to ensure their designs for the new bike would be accepted they have kept to the original brief and lost none of its R line DNA.

In both looks and performance the 125 packs a serious racey punch. So much so that several countries in Europe organize an R125 race series which attract a strong and enthusiastic following, allowing as it does young riders to progress and hone their skills on a relatively affordable budget! And of course these race experiences are fed back into the development of each successive new model.

Let’s look at the major changes in some more detail.
- New, upside-down front fork: this new design gives a more rigid ride, better stability in corners and under braking and better ‘feel’ for the front wheel. It also looks the business.
- New design of the front fork crown: MotoGP style for the masses. Doesn’t actually do much other than look the part. And that’s enough no?
- Radially mounted front brake caliper with a floating front disc: this set up gives superior braking power and a more immediate ‘first touch’ on the brakes inspiring confidence just when you need it most.
- Front fairing: redesigned in line with the bigger brothers now with an air intake between the headlights.
- Instrumentation: fully digital now. Includes extra functions such as fuel consumption (both average and instantaneous), double trip meters, average speed and time, shift light etc. You can never have enough info!
- New, lightweight wheels: race-inspired with their beautiful and thin Y-shaped spokes makes cornering and acceleration quicker in both cases.
- New fuel injection system: for more efficient combustion and also improves the already great fuel efficiency by further 10%. Looks good and is cheaper to run! How do they do it?

Project leader Alessandro Ghezzi concludes by saying “The R125 was already an excellent bike, so we had a hard time trying to improve it. Still we managed to do so, and the R125 is a proud member of our iconic Yamaha R-series!” We couldn’t agree more. Read more on Yamaha’s website here.

And lets not forget that this little beauty can be ridden by anyone aged 17 or older who has passed their compulsory basic training (CBT) which usually takes just one day! Even better is that it’s also available on Yamaha’s low rate finance offer of just 4.9% APR, amazing! So for less than the cost of a monthly bus pass you could be the coolest kid on the block with your own wheels.

If this floats your boat but you don’t know where to start why not book a free ride with us and start your journey?

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