TomTom European Traffic Report shows little improvement in 2013

TomTom European Traffic Report shows little improvement in 2013

July 22, 2014

tomtomThe annual TomTom European Traffic report makes for pretty miserable reading if you get to work by car these days. Despite governments continuing drive to make things better for us only 30% of the 60 European wide cities studied improved in terms of their congestion situation – with 40% suffering even more than they did in 2012. So despite the talk little is being done to improve the situation anywhere it seems.

The UK – in Dublin and London – has two cities showing in the top ten worst performing and whilst Dublin has improved it could hardly have got any worse with drivers suffering a staggering delay of 43minutes for each hour of travel in rush hour. This equates to nearly 100 hours each year sitting in your car more than you have to on just a 3o minute each way drive. London also worsened their stats in ’13 and now drivers in the capitol lose 86 hours a year to jams. Just think what you could do with all that time… get to the gym you’ve spent hundreds on each month! See friends during the week because you can, spend more time in bed in the mornings … the list goes on and on.

And around Britain it doesn’t really get any better. Three cities worsened; Birmingham, London and Nottingham, 4 at least didn’t get any worse; Glasgow, Liverpool, Manchester and Newcastle and sadly only two improved; Dublin as mentioned and Leeds who still see delays of 30 minutes each hour travelled.

If only 10% of car drivers stuck in traffic saw the light and switched there would be benefits all round as the Leuven Study proved not long ago. And with many 125cc bikes and scooters achieving 100+ mpg figures and being able to be ridden after just one days training there’s really not been a better time (or excuse) to switch to two wheels today.

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